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About Tuesdays Corp

Greetings Bleeple?!

Welcome to Tuesdays Corp blogsite where we write about all things that connect! Tuesdays Corp is by definition an online marketing start-up firm for local businesses across territories. The name of the firm ‘Tuesdays’ was consciously kept as Tuesday is THE most productive and efficient day of the week. Studies have termed it as the day when people are most enthusiastic and with great energy levels. And these are just the traits we intend to keep strong for all days! We believe in the power of ‘big dreams’ and ‘buzzing enthusiasm’. The former is what our clients i.e. the local businesses attain and the later is what we at Tuesdays Corp provide through the online media channel!

But this blogsite is anything but an overdose of our core offerings as a company. Instead, here we thrive on building and sharing our soft skills. We look forward to igniting inspiration, enthusing endless smiles, nourishing creativity and all things ‘feel good’!

We take this platform as a means to connect real time and share our dreams, invoke your response and create a base for soaring passions and inspired minds! We look forward to talking about everything in life from work, relationships, media, politics, social space, hobbies & interests, ‘web’by bites, literature, movies and much more. And in the process, we look forward to a plethora of your feedback/ comments/ compliments/ shares as we go by!

Let’s get it started!




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