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Happy New Year…Still!

Happy New Year! Or can we still say it?! Well let us just since its still the 1st new week of the New Year! And let’s say it still since the end of the Mayan calender did not quite end the world just yet… though I know its scheduled for December 2012 but yea nevertheless!

There is something very fresh and free about the word ‘New’. It is fresh with the new beginning and free from the hang up’s of the past. The feel is as that of the fresh dew drop in the fuzzy winter morning or fresh as the smell of the sea racing through the sands.

As much as the ‘New Year Resolution’ sounds a cliche, there is always that small part of us which secretly resolves for the following year to bring in the different, challenge us with the unknown, surprise us from the life that’s been and forward march into exploring ourselves even better! Children pen for more excitement, teens gauge for more drama, professionals look for that ‘difference’, wives get more organised down to 365x12x4x7x24 schedule, parents look for a renewal, start-ups seek out for the swirl of the magic wand and the list goes on.

As we see it, the resolution remains the cliche but the hope and smile andĀ vigorĀ of something new never fades the desire of creativity, inspiration and passion. And it is these very three nuances with which Tuesdays Corp wishes your life to be bubbling with!


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